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Maharani Serial in Vijay Tv

Actor Actress

Sujatha,Pavithra Srinivasan,Praveena

Serial Timings

7.00 PM to 7.30 PM -  Every Monday to Friday

Serial Director:

Production: Sandra communications


1. 'Maharani' is a tale of two young orphans, who face the turmoil of life with utmost boldness.
2.The plot centers around two young girls named Mahalakshmi and Rani who are brought up in an orphanage.
3.Maha is calm, shy and a very simple person. Whereas Rani is smart and tries to outwit others with her villainous plots.
4.A story that unfolds the truth of relationships like friendship, father-daughter relationship, siblings.., do not miss to watch Maharani..

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