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1.Kasturi is the story of a woman whose fate was penned down by her own father who never believed in the significance of education of a girl child and ruined her opportunities to be a true woman of a substance.

2.He was such a tyrant that he forcibly disallowed her going to school when she was just seven years old. At such tender age, when most kids would be busy attending school & playing, Kasturi was confined to the four walls of kitchen. For Kasturi, her house & the village represented the entire world, which could not offer her anything substantial in life.

3.On other hand Rama well educated boy holding a plush job as a software engineer dreams about getting married to an equally brilliant, smart & educated woman. He would often tease his female colleagues about their looks and used to criticize them sarcastically. He has an absolute high expectation about his life partner. But destiny had something else stored for Ram and there comes an unexpected move in his life and the story takes a real twist. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, he’s been forced to marry.

4.“Kasturi”, which absolutely shatters him. Further to add to his misery, he actually meets his soul mate, somebody whom he has always dreamt of and who fits his description of an ideal wife which further deteriorates the situation. You need to wait and watch the high voltage melodrama, which takes place in Ram and Kasturi’s life…

5.Viewers will have numerous unanswered questions in their mind such as Will Ram restrain himself and have a peaceful married life?? or Will their marriage be successful?? Or Will Ram ever accept, Kasturi as his true-life partner?? And many more…… So watch out for an unusual story of “Kasturi ” which will surely make you move emotionally.

Kasturi Serial
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